Why Michael Keaton's Batman Return Is the Talk of the Town After The Flash Super Bowl Trailer

The Super Bowl is a global event that draws the attention of millions of people from multiple countries around the world.

The advertisements during the live broadcast of the game have their own cult following...

with the trailer for the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie, The Flash, drawing the most fanfare.

Michael Keaton will return to play the much-beloved version of Batman...

which has generated significant interest in the film.

The advertisement for The Flash had the most engagement according to metrics gathered by EDO Data...

followed by the “He Gets Us” ad and the Walt Disney 100th anniversary celebratory ad.

The Flash movie introduces elements from the famous Flashpoint Paradox narrative, raising the stakes in the DCEU.

Michael Shannon will also return to reprise the role of General Zod in Man of Steel, the primary antagonist of Superman.