Touch It Lyrics Ariana Grande

[Verse 1]How do I make the phone ring?Why do I even care?How are you all around me when you’re not really there?When you’re not really there?How do I feel you […]

Everyday Lyrics Ariana Grande

[Verse 1: Ariana Grande]Anytime I’m alone, I can’t help thinking about youAll I want, all I need, all I see is just me and you [Pre-Chorus: Ariana Grande]He giving me […]

Leave Me Lonely Lyrics Ariana Grande

[Intro: Macy Gray]Dangerous love (Ooh)You’re no good for me, darling (Ah-ah-ah)Yeah, you turn me away (Ooh)Like I’m begging for a dollarDanger, oh, how you hold me (Ah-ah-ah)I get a chill […]

Greedy Lyrics Ariana Grande

“Greedy” [Intro:]GreedyYou know that I’m greedy for love[Verse 1:]Boy, you give me feelings, never felt beforeI’m making it obvious by knocking at your doorI know that I’m coming tonightYou know […]

Side To Side Lyrics Ariana Grande

[Intro: Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj]I’ve been here all night (Ariana)I’ve been here all day (Nicki Minaj)And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (Let them hoes know) [Verse 1: […]