Pov Lyrics – Ariana Grande

It’s like you got superpowersTurn my minutes into hoursYou’ve got more than 20/20 babeMade of glass the way you see through me You know me better than I doCan’t seem […]

Electric Slide Lyrics – Marcia Griffiths

It’s Electric! You can’t see itIt’s electric!You gotta feel itIt’s electric!Ooh, it’s shakin’It’s electric!Jiggle-a-mesa-caraShe’s a pumpin’ like a maticShe’s a movin’ like electricShe sure got the boogie You gotta know […]

Focus Lyrics Ariana Grande

HeyI know what I came to doAnd that ain’t gonna changeSo go ahead and talk your talk‘Cause I won’t take the baitI’m over here doin’ what I likeI’m over here […]