Essential minerals and sources to increase immunity

Essential nutrients ------------------------- The body needs a lot of nutrients to boost immunity, and you can do this by including vitamins in your diet. Be aware of it.

Zinc ---------------------------------------------- Zinc aids in the development of new cells and boosts immunity. Sesame, groundnut, cashew, almond, curd, red meat, gram, lentils, sesame, and wheat all contain it.

Iron -------------------------------------------- Anemia is more likely to occur when the body lacks iron. Include red meat, broccoli, and beans in your diet to make up for this deficiency.

Magnesium ------------------------------------- Magnesium deficiency causes weak bones. For this, you can eat spinach rice, cashews, almonds, peanuts, soy milk, and peanuts.

Folic acid ------------------------------------- The body's immunity needs folic acid to remain strong. Beans, lentils, and green leafy vegetables all contain it.

Vitamin E ---------------------------------- Strong antioxidant vitamin E supports the body's ability to fight infections. Its sources include almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin D ------------------------------------------ Both immunity and strong bones depend on vitamin D. In the event of a deficit, consuming salmon, tuna, milk, and oranges is recommended in addition to spending time in the sun.

Vitamin A -------------------------------- In addition, vitamin A is crucial for healthy eyes. Fish, meat, and dairy items all contain it.

Vitamin C ------------------------- Vitamin C is abundant in amla, orange, lemon, spinach, sprouts, strawberry, and papaya.