The Legend of Badass | Badass Anthem

The Legend of Badass

The Legend of Badass | Badass Anthem

Thank you,

Hey yo, brother V,
Roll like a beast owning the streets,
I feel like I’m cruising through the skies,
Look at me, stone with no wings,
Big vibes, big life,
A legend be up in this thing.

I’ve got the style, it’s obvious,
I came to win with dominance,
I put the sense of defeat and let it linger,
In the heads of options so symphonic,
It’s a tale that has to be told,
Take the road with all that swagger,
Full of faith, the chance unfolds,

A badass on the wheels,
I’m a legend on the streets,

On the wheels,

Kia, movement that inspires

Washing Powder Nirma