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  • Real Spill Lyrics – Lil Baby

    Only Love Could Bring UsBring Us To This Bitter Plane I Know That I’m BeneficialI Can’t Show No Feelings,Bentley Windows TintedNowadays Ain’t No TimeFor Me To Kick ItBusiness Too Intensive They Gone Say ThatI Been Acting DifferentI’m Beyond They MentalI Moved On FromSlanging Drugs And PistolsCan’t Be Thinking SimpleTighten Up My Circle Someone In The […]

  • California Breeze Lyrics – Lil Baby

    We All Want SomebodyTo Care For Your Needs, Yeah, Made It Out The Trenches,This Type Of Life I Can Get Used ToNumber One On Youtube,Private Dinner In Malibu,Show You How To Work Your Stick, Ain’t Nobody Gone Handle YouPut You In A Phantom ’cause You My Lil’ BooReady For Whatever, I Tie Up My BootsEverybody […]

  • Not Finished Lyrics – Lil Baby

    They Call Me WhamAnd They Know Who I Am, Yeah She Got That Wap AndThe Way That She Use ItSaliva With Top AndShe Come With A MopI Need To StopBeen Out Here RockingThe Game With These FeaturesIt’s Over For N ggasAs Soon As I Drop She Looking For Love,But My Heart Somewhere In A BoxShe […]

  • Heyy Lyrics – Lil Baby

    Yeah! My Favorite BTch Just Cut Me OffAnd She Won’t Even Let Me Know The Reason (Yeah!)It’s Prolly One Of HerLil’ Messy Hating A$$ Friends Being Evil I Ain’t Stressing About ItShe’ll Come Around When She Wanna Eat It UpSlow Stroke, Fast Stroke, Grind In ItI’m A Real Pleaser Sixty Hoes In New York Having […]