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  • If I’m Dancing Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]Cinematic, take it right backWith a bottle of perfume lotionWhere’d you come from talking like that?Butterfly from the bottom of the oceanI can’t stop this slow motion trip…Run away with me, no politicsSuch a perfect notionYour gravity has got meBowing in devotionYou and me fit a magic trick…[Chorus]If I’m dancing, if I’m dancing, if […]

  • Liar Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]Tall tales, such a damn shameHindsight, I can see it all so plainKamikaze fire come downFire come down, fire-fire come downLeft, right, nowhere to turnCollecting the ash from the bridges you burnedKamikaze fire come downFire come down, fire-fire come down [Pre-Chorus](Ah) It’s too late for apologies(Ah) Nothing you can offer me now(Ah) I’m looking […]

  • Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1](Yeah)I know you’re tryna beI know you’re tryna be a gentleman, a gentlemanTrying to impressTryna be the best specimen, perfect specimen (yeah) [Pre-Chorus 1]And don’t get me wrong, I appreciate yaAnd don’t get me wrong, I really doAnd don’t get me wrong, but I’m tired of waitingSay you don’t wanna cross the lineBut I’ma […]

  • Better Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]Let’s undo all the distanceFrom your guards down to your buttonsAnd get lost in your existenceWhatchu, whatchu whatchu wanna do?And if you wanna get realAnd if you wanna get honestAnd baby you know the dealWhatchu wanna do? [Chorus]Gotta open up cause it feels much betterWhen we open up for each otherAnd I knowOh, oh, […]

  • What You Need Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Chorus]I got what you want, I got what you needBringing out the fire inside of meI got what you want, I got what you needBringing out the diva that lives in meI got what you want, I got what you needYeah, yeah, yeah, yeahI got what you want, I got what you needYeah, yeah, yeah […]

  • Hard to Forget Ya Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]All my life they told me bout a creature so hypnoticBut I guess I never thought it was true (Yeah)And now that I’ve seen you I’ve turned into a believerBaby so much for what I thought I’d do (Yeah)[Pre-Chorus]Since I tasted you I got a cravingShaking in the heat of the nightOh, yeah, baby […]

  • Love Me Down Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]You say we don’t talk anymore butI’m thinking we talk too muchWhenever we speak we fight soCome talk to me with your touchYou’re playing with fire, and you like itA little bit dangerous[Pre-Chorus]Round and round we go ’til we fall like dominoesOh no[Chorus]My baby gon’ love downGon’ love down, gon’ love down, yeahMy baby […]

  • Just Like Me Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]Got folk tales about your loveThe ones that drive you crazyExactly what you’re dreaming ofI’ll give it to you baby150 miles awaySinging out my lungsDriving fast all through L.AOn my… my tongue [Pre-Chorus]Heart’s beating fastWhen I’m turning the keyI see you on your backAnd I just can’t believe[Chorus]She looks just like me, just like […]

  • Slumber Party (Remix) Lyrics – Britney Spears

    [Verse 1]I think I see confetti from this potionPillow fights and feathers, overdosin’Smells like a cologne and candy lotionLike a slumber partySheets all on the floor just like an oceanBuilding up your fortress like a mountainNeighbors say we’re causing a commotionLike a slumber party [Pre-Chorus]No, n-no, no, you and I, I, IWe ain’t gonna sleep […]