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  • Knockin’ on Heavens Door Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    (Ooh)Yeah, yeah, yeah (Ooh)Yeah, yeah, yeah (Ooh) Momma take this badge off of meI can’t use it anymoreIt’s getting dark, too dark to seeFeel I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door Knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s doorKnock knock knockin’ on heaven’s doorKnock knock knockin’ on heaven’s doorKnock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door Momma put my guns in […]

  • Goodbye Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    Goodbye, goodbyeGoodbye, my loveI can’t hide, can’t hideCan’t hide what has comeI have to go, I have to goI have to go and leave you aloneBut always know, always knowAlways know that I love you soI love you so, I love you so Goodbye, brown eyesGoodbye for nowGoodbye, sunshineTake care of yourself I have to […]

  • Remember When Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    Remember when I cried to you a thousand timesI told you everythingYou know my feelingsIt never crossed my mindThat there would be a timeFor us to say goodbyeWhat a big surpriseBut I’m not lostI’m not goneI haven’t forgot Chorus:These feelings I can’t shake no moreThese feelings are running out the doorI can feel it falling […]

  • Alice (extended version) Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    Verse 1:Creeping outSpinning aroundI.m undergroundI fall downYeah I fall downI’m freaking outWhere am I know?Upside downAnd I can stop it nowIt cant stop me now Chorus 1:ohh I’ll get byohh I’ll surviveWhen the worlds crashing downWhen I’m falling hit the groundI’ll just turn myself aroundDon’t you try tostop me ohh I’ll won’t cryVerse 2:I’ll play […]

  • Darlin Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    Darlingyou ‘re hiding in the closet once again,start smilingI know you’re tryingreal hard not to turn your head awaypretty darlingface tomorrow, tomorrow is not yesterdayYesterday oh oooooh[Chorus]Pretty pleaseI know it’s a dragwipe your eyes and put up your headI wish you could be happy insteadThere’s nothing else I can doBut love you the best that […]

  • 4 Real Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    If I show you, get to know youIf I hold you just for todayI’m not gonna wanna let goI’m not gonna wanna go homeTell me you feel the same‘Cause I’m for real, are you for real?I can’t help myself, it’s the way I feelWhen you look me in the eyes like you did last nightI […]

  • Not Enough Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    Im sorryIf this hurts youBut I tried to keep what we had once I was wrongIt wasnt keeping me awakeYou didnt listen (You didnt listen)You didnt hear me (You didnt hear me)When I said I want moreI got no moreYou were stealing me awayOh [chorus]Its not enough, its not enough to get meWhat it is […]

  • Everybody Hurts Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    Don’t know, don’t know if I can do this on my ownWhy do you have to leave me?It seems I’m losing something deep inside of meHold on, hold onto meNow I see, now I see Everybody hurts some daysIt’s OK to be afraidEverybody hurts, everybody screamsEverybody feels this way and that’s ok Ladadadada that’s OK […]

  • I Love You Lyrics Avril Lavigne

    La laLa la la laLa laLa la la laI like your smileI like your vibeI like your styleBut that’s not why I love youAnd I, I like the wayYou’re such a starBut that’s not why I love youHeyDo you feel, do you feel me?Do you feel what I feel, too?Do you need, do you need […]