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  • Waiting for Love (Sam Feldt Remix) Lyrics – Avicii

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way, kinda beautifulAnd every night has its day, so magicalAnd if there’s love in this life, there’s no obstacleThat can’t be defeatedFor every tyrant … Read more

  • The Nights Lyrics – Avicii

    (Hey) Once upon a younger yearWhen all our shadows disappearedThe animals inside came out to play(Hey) Hey, went face to face with all our fearsLearned our lessons through the tearsMade … Read more

  • The Days Lyrics – Avicii

    Under the tree where the grass don’t growWe made a promise to never get oldYou had a chance and you took it on meAnd I made a promise that I … Read more

  • Gonna Love Ya Lyrics – Avicii

    I’m gonna love ya, like no one couldMake your heart feel the way it shouldI’m gonna hold ya, when no one wouldCause I swear you deserve so good Livin’ up … Read more

  • Trouble Lyrics – Avicii

    I’ve been a beggar and I’ve been a kingI’ve been a loner and I’ve worn the ringLosing myself just to find me againI’m a million miles smarter, but I ain’t … Read more

  • Somewhere In Stockholm Lyrics – Avicii

    That’s me right there on the cornerListening to Wu in my WalkmanNeon lights at the water, reflecting the city I’m lost inThat’s me right there on the cornerI, one day, … Read more

  • Can’t Catch Me Lyrics – Avicii

    OhGo-go-go, oh-oh-oh Papa, he was gone tryna make a dimeMama kept us warm when there was no sunshineI was busy building up a reputationDid a lot of things out of … Read more

  • Sunset Jesus Lyrics – Avicii

    Try’na set myself up for the winSome people got a dream that’s so much bigger than the town they’re inSo give me love, give me love, give me peace, give … Read more

  • City Lights Lyrics – Avicii

    City lights, take me awayNow it’s time, we never ever head downDon’t be scared, I am for realHide away and we will never be found It’s alright, we never look … Read more