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  • Obvious Lyrics – Ariana Grande

    I Love The Taste Of You In The MorningKeep Me Warm AndNothing Else Nothing More ImportantMakes Me Want To Believe In Love I Love The Thought Of Us In The EveningCrave The FeelingThe Way You Feel Something‘Bout It’s HealingI’m Praying We Don’t Fuck This Up Others That I’ve HadHad To Impress Me BeforeBut I Knew […]

  • Pov Lyrics – Ariana Grande

    It’s like you got superpowersTurn my minutes into hoursYou’ve got more than 20/20 babeMade of glass the way you see through me You know me better than I doCan’t seem to keep nothing from youHow you touch my soul from the outsidePermeate my ego and my pride I wanna love me (ooh)The way that you […]

  • Die For You (Remix) Lyrics – The Weeknd, Ariana Grande

    I’m Finding Ways To ArticulateThe Feeling I’m Going ThroughI Just Can’t Say I Don’t Love You ‘Cause I Love You, YeahIt’s Hard For Me To CommunicateThe Thoughts That I HoldBut Tonight, I’m Gonna Let You KnowLet Me Tell The TruthBab Let Me Tell The Truth Yeah You Know What I’m ThinkingSee It In Your EyesYou […]

  • Focus Lyrics Ariana Grande

    HeyI know what I came to doAnd that ain’t gonna changeSo go ahead and talk your talk‘Cause I won’t take the baitI’m over here doin’ what I likeI’m over here workin’ day and nightAnd if my real ain’t real enoughI’m sorry for you, bae Let’s find a light inside our universe nowWhere ain’t nobody keep […]

  • Jason’s Song (Gave It Away) Lyrics Ariana Grande

    Yeah, you really triedBut I was blind to all the lies you told me, boyAll the shit you’ve doneYou can’t outrun the way you undersold me, hey You acted like you bought me at a bargain saleYou don’t even careYou focused your frustration on a small detailBlew it out of scale, like my ponytail Well, […]

  • Step On Up Lyrics Ariana Grande

    Hey, hey, ohOh, step on up to thisStep, step on up to thisStep on up to this crazy love Hey, I’m classyBut I don’t mind if you get at meIt’s okay to get nasty, just the way that you likeYou say I’m sexySo bad, they should arrest meYou can’t forget meGave you the time of […]

  • Thinking Bout You Lyrics Ariana Grande

    [Verse 1]I’ve been thinking ’bout youYeah, I been missing youWhere the hell are you, oh, when I need you?I could still hear your voiceI ain’t got no choice, cause I’m here all aloneI know I can’t wait ’til you get home[Pre-Chorus]Oh, I don’t have you here with meBut at least I have the memoryI tried […]

  • Knew Better / Forever Boy Lyrics Ariana Grande

    Say you could turn me onBoy, but that’s about itYou can say what you wannaBut I wouldn’t believe itYou could write all them songsThat’s the game that you playTryna write all them barsBut you can’t make me stayCause I… see right through you, boyAnd I, I… ain’t feeling you no moreI ain’t feelin’ you no […]

  • Touch It Lyrics Ariana Grande

    [Verse 1]How do I make the phone ring?Why do I even care?How are you all around me when you’re not really there?When you’re not really there?How do I feel you on me when you’re not on my skin?Why do you say you want me, then tell me “I’m not coming in”?Baby, just come on in[Chorus]Cause […]