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  • Emission Control Lyrics AC/DC

    Emission Control Lyrics AC/DC

    Hey ya It is my missionTo seek you outYou’re up for grabs honeyWell then don’t make a soundGetting it upGet high off the groundGiving it upNot fooling aroundRigging it upYou can’t be here and be shyRaising it upSix guns to the sky Calling emission controlEmission controlCalling emission controlEmission controlIt’s good for the soulTurn on emissionThe […]

  • Sweet Candy Lyrics AC/DC

    Sweet Candy Lyrics AC/DC

    Here she come, yeahDoin’ her thing, yeahBoys go wildOh yeah, sweet candyShe do a danceSlides down the poleShe do a backflipMake your eyes rollCome in the spotlightWalk across the floorCalls for attentionThe boys get off some more Sweet candy (ca-a-ndy)Sweet candy (ca-a-ndy)Sweet candy (ca-a-ndy)Sweet candy (ca-a-ndy)I see all my candyShe splits the nightShowin’ up the […]

  • Rock the House Lyrics AC/DC

    Rock the House Lyrics AC/DC

    Mistress, mistressKeep on comingRight, let’s rollBack to the touchBack to the tasteWho’s now on?I’m letting you knowShe’s gonna shoutShe’s gonna push it all the way downNo I can’t believeMan, you’re sweetBack down now babyWhen you scream Rock the houseRock the houseRock this houseRock the night and then rollSeek all the thingsShe’s gonna shake it down […]

  • Baptism by Fire Lyrics DC/AC

    Baptism by Fire Lyrics DC/AC

    Hey! Let’s get the party startedAnd let you do your tricksLet’s get the joint a-jumpin’The boys need their kicksWe’re gonna shock the nationMake em flip their lidsGet on your (?)Oh, bring a lotta bottles and join the clip I said ride ride ride, up all nightRide, it’ll blow your mind Baptism by the fireDon’t let […]

  • Hard Times Lyrics DC/AC

    Hard Times Lyrics DC/AC

    Zero low, go on now slowMake it quick, and make a body shakeThey’ll try to hold you downThey can put ya roundThey tryna hold you backGet ya on a rail trackHard times, goin’ southDon’t you care for mine?I’m not gonna make it farFeelin’ rough the time Heart pumpin’, feet are jumpin’It’s hard lovin’, keeps me […]

  • Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder Lyrics AC/DC

    Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder Lyrics AC/DC

    Well, I’m headin’ on outDown to a midget’s houseI’m gettin’ hungry, I’m gettin’ meanI’m gettin’ down on easy streetAny luck I can find…I’m feelin’ dust, I’m gettin’ wildAny time ya ready to goIt be around, and? Get some rock and roll thunderSome rock and roll thunderYes I been workin’ heat and rollI keep hangin’ on […]

  • Dogs of War Lyrics DC/AC

    Dogs of War Lyrics DC/AC

    Dogs of warDogs of warDogs of warDogs of warDogs of war.You’ve been a pattern manLet go, I guess you canDon’t need to feel your touchRight underneath the lightsTaking all you canRich game it ain’t in plansFeel the booths up on the groundTalk and blew it all aroundStanch and the bulletsShooting the whistles,Soldiers of fortuneSearching premade, […]

  • Miss Adventure Lyrics AC/DC

    Miss Adventure Lyrics AC/DC

    Well!!! we’re back and I’m on the looseHit me, hear me, feel the juiceShe eye you up, she eye you downMake you, make you stand up proud.Miss adventure, hot surpriseBare essential, yeah that’s nice!!!Miss adventure, feelin’ realConfidential, lips are sealed. Watch out boy,The cat’s got your tongueFeelin’ like some hot cross bunsLove you, love you […]

  • Rock the Blues Away Lyrics AC/DC

    Rock the Blues Away Lyrics AC/DC

    Drivin’ in my carHeaded for the local barPickin’ up my girl tonightEverything is gonna be alrightShootin’ pool with my friendsSmokin’ cigarettesTellin’ jokes out loudWe’re laughing way too proudAnd we rock itAnd we roll itAnd we’re laughingAnd we’re jokingAnd we roll itBaby we roll it, roll it,We won’t get the blues because we Rock the blues […]