PROUD OF YOU. Lyrics – Armani White

Hi, Armani, it’s your grandmother
Just callin’ to let you know I heard [?]
You got a new house, you didn’t have to tell me
But I know you glad
You don’t have to come over here sleepin’ on my floor no more
But just want you to know I’m proud of you
But I really want you to get some sleep ’cause I did see you on the television
On the Jimmy Fallon show, and, um
You just looked so tired to me
And you’re still wearin’ them silly white beads
But, you need more than anything, you just need to get some rest
I heard some song you were singin’ called “GOATED.”
Not sure what it means, but, um
But don’t ever forget
That God’s found favor in you
And I pray for you every day
Talk to you later

Written by Armani White

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