• Baby Blue Lyrics – Taylor Swift

    Small town, big blue skyLittle blonde baby with starry blue eyesGrowing up fast didn’t slow her downAmerican child in her baby blue gownHer bedroom was pink ’til she turned threeShe … Read more

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    I’m still wearing my blue jeansNo I don’t know what you meanI’m still the same girlPicking daisies in the fieldI believe in what I feelI’ve always been the same girl … Read more

  • I Love Me After You Lyrics – Mitsuki Laycock

    HmmHmmHmm Brushin’ my hair nakedSpritz my face with tonerSplash water on my neckLaughin’ in the mirrorCool water in a glassDrink it downHow I love me after youKing of all the … Read more

  • I’m Your Man Lyrics – Mitsuki Laycock

    You’re an angel, I’m a dogOr you’re a dog and I’m your manYou believe me like a GodI destroy you like I am I’m sorry I’m the one you loveNo-one … Read more

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    Moon, a hole of lightThrough the big top tent up highHere before and after meShinin’ down on meMoon, tell me if I couldSend up my heart to you?So, when I … Read more

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    When memories snowAnd cover up the drivewayI shovel all those memoriesClear the path to drive to the storeAnd when memories meltI hear them in the drainpipeDrippin’ through the downspoutAs I … Read more

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