Narkedo Speaks Lyrics – Quavo

I Ain’t Even Have A Plan B, I Made Myself Not Have A Plan B On Purpose
Just So I Can Fulfill My Plan A
So, (Ayy, Ya’ll Need To Hear That, Keep, Say That)
One More Time, Ya’ll Just Need To Hear That
Nah, I Made Sure I Didn’t Have A Plan B, I Kept My Plan A
So, I Could Fulfill My Plan B, I Didn’t Even Create A Plan B
Or Even Get My Mind Set Up For A Plan B, ’cause My Plan A Was Gon’ Work
No Matter What, It’s- (I Knew That Was Gon’ Do Good, Nah For Real)
-really What I Wanted To Do Though, You Know What I’m Sayin’, So (Right)
And I Did It, God Is Good

Written By Quavo, BNYX®, Takeoff & N.O.R.E.

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