How the Moon Affects Human Sleep and the Heart

The heart works better during a full moon. The position of the moon can affect sleep. The moon not only affects the heart but also affects overall health.

How the Moon Affects Human Sleep and the Heart

The Moon directly connects with the Earth and affects human health. At the time of the full moon and new moon, the air pressure on the earth increases significantly. Due to this, the hormones in the human body and its thinking power are also affected.

During the whole moon night, there is a deficiency of the hormone melatonin in the human body, due to which many people’s sleep is disturbed. This hormone controls and balances the cycle of sleep and wakefulness.

It is a matter of sleep, but heart health also profoundly connects with the moon. The heart works optimally during a full moon and a new moon. Let us know how the moon affects a person’s sleep and heart.

According to Medical News Today, The full moon profoundly affects sleep, increasing the risk of insomnia. During this, changes in sleep structure, brain activity and melatonin and cortisol levels begin to occur.

Much research has also revealed that mood swings and psychological problems increase during the full moon. The gravity of the Moon affects the fluid of the brain, which the brain is affected. Sleep is affected due to the effect on the brain.

The human body consists of 70 percent water, which is why the moon profoundly affects the body. If many effects are harmful, some results prove beneficial for the body. The heart works better than on regular days during the full moon and new moon.

The position of the moon is considered very important for a healthy heart. At the time of the full moon, the rays emanating from the moon cool the body, due to which the blood circulation remains correct, and the heart is also able to function correctly.

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