Health Benefits of Kumaoni Fig

Health Benefits of Kumaoni Fig: Also known as “Bedu,” “Himalayan fig” is incredibly healthy. The nutrients included in “Bedu” provide benefits ranging from blood purification to lung problems, constipation, and other illnesses. Additionally, this fig is used to make pickles, jams, and chutneys. The Kumaoni fig is also in high demand because of its therapeutic qualities.

Because of this, it is called the ‘Bedu’ fig

Locally, the Wild Himalayan Fig is called the “Bedu” fig. Its inherent qualities aid in the treatment of numerous ailments. The local folk song “Bedu Pako Bara Masa” contains the term “Bedu.” This indicates that figs ripen all through the year. Let us inform you that Uttarakhand is home to various medicinal plants. Bedu fruit is primarily found in Uttarakhand’s woods.

Health benefits of Kumaoni figs

The Kumaoni fig (Bedu) is a nutrient-rich food. Regular usage of it is also very beneficial in the treatment of nervous system diseases. In addition, Bedu fig acts as a “panacea” for lung and urinary conditions. Burns, constipation, and conditions related to the bladder can all be effectively treated with the aid of its medicinal characteristics. Additionally, fig juice is applied to warts.

Fig is a natural pain reliever

Because the compounds in figs are so good for the body, they also function naturally as a pain reliever. According to a study on rats, Himalayan figs can be used as a less harmful substitute for pharmaceutical painkillers like aspirin and diclofenac. The name of this fruit, in scientific terms, is Ficus palmata. Psoralen and rutin are two essential substances that are present in Kumaoni figs.

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