Easy Republic Day Speech for Kids in English

Good morning everyone,

Today I stand before you to talk about a very special day in our country Republic Day, On January 26th we celebrate the day our country became the Republic but, what does this mean?

Long ago India was ruled by the British and we were not free to make our own decisions. But many brave men and women fought for our freedom, on August 15 account, 1947 India became independent. However, it wasn’t until January 26, 1950, that India had its constitution a big book of rules that says how our country should be Run. This is the day we become a republic.

On Republic Day we remember and honour the hard work and sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom.  We also celebrate the Unity and Diversity of our country. India is like a beautiful garden with many different flowers we speak different languages and follow different traditions, but we all are part of one big family.

We see grand parades and performances in New Delhi, our capital city. Soldiers March in a parade, and we see thanks, weapons, and the might of our hand forces. We also see beautiful dances and songs from different parts of India. Showing our reach culture and heritage.

As kids, what can we do on this day? We can learn about our country’s history, respect our national flag, and be good citizens, remember, every small good deed we do makes our country a better place. Let’s promise to be kind help others, and keep our surroundings clean.

Jay Hind!

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