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  • Cupid (Twin Version) Lyrics – FIFTY FIFTY

    La, la, la, la-la-laLa, la-la-la, la, la-la-la A hopeless romantic all my lifeSurrounded by couples all the timeI guess I should take it as a sign(Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why?) I’m feeling lonely (Lonely)Oh, I wish I’d find a lover that could hold me (Hold me)Now, I’m crying in my roomSo skeptical […]

  • War Bout It Lyrics – Lil Durk

    [Intro: Lil Durk]YeahLet me pop my shit, niggaUh, let me pop my shitLet me pop my shit (Go) [Verse 1: Lil Durk]I just sent that boy two thousand, he ain’t never post my album (Go)He ain’t never shot his gun for me for free, I’m bein’ a thousand (Go)You did what you did, I left […]

  • Storage Lyrics – Conor Maynard

    I wish I never took the time to learn the detailsWhat I should pick up for you when you didn’t feel wellLike how you’d call when you were driving on your ownWanted to hear me so you didn’t feel aloneStill have the messages from the first day that we talkedI swear that pink-hearted emoji was […]

  • Call 911 Lyrics – Carine

    Don’t Call 911If I’m Not The OneIt’s Easy Like Abc To Love Me Don’t Call 911If I’m Not The OneIt’s Easy Like Abc To Love Me Hundred Of MilesTo Get To Where You AreIf I’m Losing HopeI Know I’ve Got A Map Upside DownThat Shows A Twisted WayAnd Changes Every DayBut I’m Not Sure I’m […]

  • Only Girl Lyrics – Stephen Sanchez

    If love is an understatementThen, honey, I’m a goddamn foolWhen I tell you there’s no replacementFor what you do to me So, give all your love to meAnd give all your love to me Those other boys will let you downNo, I would never mess around1, 2, 3 Baby, won’t you be my girl?Baby, won’t […]

  • Meltdown Lyrics – Niall Horan

    When it all melts down I’ll be there Talkin’ to yourself in the bathroomLosin’ your mind in the mirror like you have toOoh, ooh Screamin’ in your car in the drivewaySpinnin’ out, think your life’s going sidewaysOoh, ooh One broken glassTurns to total collapseJust know this too shall passI’m tellin’ you now, tellin’ you now […]

  • Hero Lyrics – Alan Walker

    Been here beforeIt’s in my muscle memory, I’m pretty sureI recognize you, there is something in your eyesWon’t let you get away tonightYou leave me in the darkI’m stumbling around like I’m a question markWondering if you’re around to catch me if I fallIf I come crashing to the wall Will you light me upJump […]

  • All I Wanna Do Lyrics – Christina Aguilera

    [Both:]All I wanna do everyday and nightIs love you foreverWanna rap my arms around youAll I wanna do is to hold you tightHold you forever, never never let you go [Keizo:]You, you are the only one I dream about [Christina:]And you, you got the love I just can’t be without [Keizo:]You know I think about […]

  • Lady Marmalade Lyrics – Christina Aguilera

    [Lil’ Kim (Mýa, Christina Aguilera & P!nk):]Where’s all my soul sista’s?Lemme hear y’all flow sista’s(Hey sista’, go sista’, soul sista’, flow sista’) Uh(Hey sista’, go sista’, soul sista’, go sista’) [Mýa:]He met Marmalade down in old Moulin RougeStruttin’ her stuff on the streetShe said, “Hello, hey Joe! You wanna give it a go?”Oh! Uh-huh [Mýa […]