Asur Bengali Movie Dialogues

Film: Asur
Starring: Jeet, Abir, Nusrat Jahan.
Produced by: Jeetz Filmworks Pvt. Ltd.
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Pavel.
Producers : Jeet, Gopal Madnani, Amit Jumrani.
D.O.P. : Joydip Bose.
Music : Bickram Ghosh & Amit mitra.

Asur Bengali Movie Dialogues

Aami karner kaata mondu.. aami kanishker dhar… aami moho… aami bajar vishader jhod. – Jeet

Ishwar kathai boshbe.. allah ke kothai rakhbo… sab imagination aamta diye chhi karan… pratita pathor kichhu golpo bole jay. – Jeet

Ekta pandal banabo Durga pujo te… vishal bodo jaiga chai… prochur taka chai. – Jeet

Chhappano ta bodo pujo hoi kolkatai.. aamar takai.

Aamar or upar ekdam bhorosa noi.. kintu or kajer upor aachhe.

Prithivir sobse bodo Durga. – Jeet

Aamar sristir karone kono manus maara jai ni. – Jeet

Aami joto din beche aachi toto din eta thakbe. – Jeet

Asurer jaat hon ke hon aar no ke no. – Jeet

Asur Bengali Movie Dialogues in English

I am karna’s severed head… i am kanishka’s torso… i am an illusion… i am a tempestuous storm bringing grief. – Jeet

Where will god sit… where do we place allah… we’ve given shape to this through our imagination.. every stone idol has… a story associated with it. – Jeet

I’li make a pandal during Durga puja… we need a large space… and a lot of money. – Jeet

There are 56 major Pujas in kolkata… with may money.

I’ve no faith in him… but in his work i do.

“From christenine through all your joyous moments”
Facing your enemy during famine and such perils.”
“In the king’s court and at the graveyard.”
“Your true friend will stand by you.”

The world’s largest Durga. – Jeet

If you can go and create something… why are you destroying this .- Jeet

No one died because of my creation. – Jeet

This will stay as long as i’m alive. – Jeet

I belong to the demon family…for us yes is yes..and no means no.

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