5 Lines on Winter Season

  • Winter is my favourite season.
  • It is a very cold season.
  • It starts from November and goes till February.
  • People wear woollen clothes in this season.
  • Winter season comes with festivals and happiness.

Set – 2

  • Winter season is a very cold season.
  • The wind become soft and cool.
  • People wear warn cloths and drink hot.
  • Winter season is beneficial for health.
  • Winter is my favourite season.

Set – 3

  • Winter is the coldest season.
  • It starts in November and ends in February.
  • We wear woolen clothes and eat hot food.
  • We go to picnics in this season.
  • I love winter season very much.

Set – 4

  • Winter season comes after Raniy season.
  • In this time, the weather remains cold.
  • The wind becomes very soft and cold.
  • People wear warm clothes.
  • This season is best for trekking and Picnic.

Set – 5

  • My favourite season is winter.
  • Winter is a very cold season.
  • The wind becomes cool.
  • People wear warm clothes in winter.
  • I like to sit in the sunshine in winter season.

Set – 6

  • Winter is a very cold season.
  • This season usually starts in the month of november and ends in february.
  • During winter days are short and nights are long.
  • In winter season ,people wear warm clothes and liketi eat hot.
  • Many animals and birds choose migration during winter to find an appropriate place to live.

Set – 7

  • Winter is a cold season.
  • This season starts in october.
  • Everyone wears warm clothes.
  • People enjoy snow fall.
  • I stay in have in winter.

Set – 8

  • Winter is the coldest season of the year.
  • winter season comes after the rainy season.
  • It begins from November and last till the end of Febuary.
  • During this season, cold winds blow throughout the day.
  • I like this season very much.