5 bad habits responsible for hormonal disturbances

Hormones have a significant role in our lives. It helps to maintain and balance many essential processes of our body. How we feel, how our mood changes, how metabolism works, how periods come, how much sleep we get, and how we control weight are all controlled by hormones. If the amount of hormones in the body decreases or increases even a little, it can cause many diseases. This way, it can be understood how important hormones are in our life. The food we eat has a direct effect on hormones. But often we make some mistakes in our diet, due to which the balance of hormones gets disturbed.

5 bad habits responsible for hormonal disturbances

Due to some bad habits, the balance of our hormones gets disturbed. about 5 such habits due to which disturbances in hormones can be created.

Consumption of coffee on an empty stomach

Coffee is not a food, keep this in mind, but often people drink coffee on an empty stomach, which has a harmful effect on hormones. If you drink coffee after a meal or while eating, there will be less effect on the adrenal gland, and the level of cortisol hormone will be balanced due to caffeine.

Not having protein for breakfast

Most people do not take a protein-rich diet in the morning for breakfast. But for the health of hormones, a diet rich in protein in breakfast is essential. Because the amount of glucose that increases in the blood after a meal reduces it by protein, remember, controlling blood sugar is very important for healthy hormones.

Intermittent Fasting

Nowadays, the trend of intermittent fasting has increased. But it is not good for hormones in women. This can worsen hormones, especially in women of reproductive age. Fasting 10 to 12 hours at night is enough for women. If you keep faster than this, the balance of hormones starts deteriorating.

Avoiding sweets

Most people give up eating carbohydrates or sweet things because of the fear of diabetes, but carbohydrates are necessary for fuel in the body. Carbohydrate themselves nourishes the thyroid and adrenal glands. If there is a thyroid and adrenal gland problem, many hormones get disturbed together.

Avoiding calories

Most women are into dieting, and they limit themselves to 1200 calories daily. If you do this, too, then you are starving yourself. The body needs adequate nutrients. If fewer calories go into the body, then it will slow down the metabolism and make your reproductive organs slack because due to fewer calories, your body does not get the necessary energy.