10 Lines on Basant Panchami for kids

  1. Basant Panchami is a Hindu Festival.
  2. It is celebrated on the Fifth day of the spring season.
  3. It generally falls in January or February.
  4. Basant Panchami indicates the end of the winter and the arrival of the spring.
  5. Basant Panchami is celebrated in every state of India.
  6. Basant Panchami is the birthday of “Maa Saraswati”
  7. The Goddess of knowledge “Maa Saraswati” is worshiped on this day.
  8. This Festival is also called Shree Pujan or Saraswati pujan.
  9. It also indicates the blossoming of the mustard flowers.
  10. It is celebrated all over India with great joy and happiness.

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